Do you have any of these?

Low Back Pain
Neck Pain
low energy

restricted movement
dis-ease in your body

Do you want .....?

freedom of movement
freedom or easing of pain
ease of movement

feeling comfortable in your body
Improved athletic ability

Can Rolfing/Structural Integration
Help YOU??

Do you have any of these conditions: acute or chronic pain, poor posture, bowed legs, scoliosis, low energy, poor coordination with restriction of movement, or feelings of being disconnected from your body and your emotions? These can be the result of injuries, trauma, habitual misuse Or simply a losing battle with gravity!!! Since it is one of the most powerful forces we know….of course we will lose..unless we look at some different approaches to shifting that relationship!

What exactly is ROLFING and how does it work? First and foremost ROLFING, also known as Structural Integration, is a process as opposed to a treatment. The process includes a postural re aligning or re sculpting that results in the clients’ achieving a freedom of movement with grace and ease within the gravitational field , which we all live in. In addition to feeling better and improving your appearance, you can also expect to have more energy and a marked decrease in or alleviation from pain.  The process is a hands on, systematic series of approximately 10 to 15 sessions whereby the practitioner mobilizes, releases and lengthens the soft tissue, layer by layer. This catalyzes an unwinding and balancing process in the body.  You can think of this as “unwinding the history “  in your body.

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Rolfing /Structural Integration: a different approach to making peace with Gravity

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"Courtesy of The Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration"